Starting a NDIS Plan

An NDIS plan (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is essential for a variety of reasons. The NDIS aims to provide funding to persons with disabilities to overall improve their quality of living. These funds act to allow for time with family and friends, higher levels of independence, accessing new interests or skills, job support and services provided in the community. It is therefore important to know how to correctly start a NDIS plan.

In order to start an NDIS plan, a verbal application will need to be submitted by calling 1800 800 110.

They will ask to confirm the identity of the applicant or person acting on their behalf. From there an application form will be sent and questions will need to be submitted. This access request form can be found here, which will need to be completed and returned to the NDIS. Certain pieces of evidence will be required to ensure the applicant meets the requirements for the disability payment. Information about what evidence you need to provide can be found here. It is important to gather this information before filling out the form in order for a smooth application to occur. The form can be submitted to the NDIS email address or by mail to a local NDIA office.

If further help is required to fill out this form the NDIS website contains additional information on starting an NDIS plan at

Help/support for parents

There are multiple hotlines that can be contacted to provide additional support for parents of Williams Syndrome children, at both a national and state level for certain states. These include:

  • National — Williams Syndrome Australia 0439 431 256 or email:
  • South Australia — Williams Syndrome Association of South Australia (08) 7329 5409 or 0424 787 966 or email:
  • Western Australia — Williams Syndrome Association of Western Australia, email:

A network that provides an understanding of the health and disability service can be found at Raising Children network as well as the previously mentioned NDIS support network.

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